Applications of Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing application is a software application that processes the remote sensing data. Remote sensing applications are similar to the graphics software, but they enable generating geographic information from satellite and the airborne sensor data. Remote sensing applications read specialized file formats that contain georeferencing information, sensor image data, and sensor metadata. Some of the most popular remote sensing file formats are NITF,  GeoTIFFECW (file format)JPEG 2000,MrSIDNetCDF, and HDF. Remote Sensing applications perform many features including Change Detection, Orthorectification, Spectral Analysis,Image Classification. Many remote sensing applications are built using the common remote sensing toolkits, like OSSIM and GDAL.


  • Remote Sensing in Meteorology
  • Remote Sensing in Oceanography
  • Remote Sensing in Glaciology
  • Remote Sensing in Geology
  • Remote Sensing in Geodesy
  • Remote Sensing in Topography and Cartography
  • Remote Sensing in Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing in Forest
  • Remote Sensing in Botany
  • Remote Sensing in Hydrology
  • Remote Sensing in Planning applications
  • Remote Sensing in Land Cover Classification
  • Uses of GIS and Remote sensing in Agricultural Sector

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